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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Meeting Agenda

By Megan Samelson


bottom of the list
person in the pool
starting from scratch
shadowing shifts
variety in the life
shadowing shifts
letting go 
(of the edge of the pool)

the code went bad
completely implode
good news bad news
super swamped
start to come together
beta testers
data points and polygons
exciting, yeah


viable candidates
Agnes is her name
“I have to raise an objection"
understood, understood
willing and planning
things went sideways
“but she’s not crazy…”
no, no.

Friday, October 10, 2014


By Kimberly Walters

ilya is russian? I thought it was french
I thought he was named il y a
stop laughing, I am telling you this in confidence 

I think my name has something to do with wood
as in: I am wooded

as in: spacious and obstacled

and you
(when you are inside my name)
are obstacled too
with clothing and dark

I can prove it
your eyes are becoming bedroomy
right this instant

your entire body 
is becoming bedroomy

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Romantic Yelp Reviews of Area Woman in Her Mid-Twenties

By Emma Martin

Michael P., Atlanta, GA
April 2014

“Wow! Blown away by this girl at first. Just so fun and easy to get along with. She can roll with whatever, too – errands! Bars! Video Games! Totally fun. She can't use chopsticks. Loved talking to her and spending lots of time together. After-the-fact found out she was introspective and articulate, but I'm not ready for that exclusive stuff. We're animals, ya know? But 5/5 stars!”

Nick H., Atlanta, GA
January 2014

“Hard to decide what kind of experience I was going to have with this one. I'd read good reviews so definitely had my doubts. I was only in town for a few months, but she became one of my favorite parts of the city! We could spend hours in bed drinking coffee and talking about music. Not looking for long term, and she's easily hurt. Kind of weird that she serves cold red wine in the summer. Doesn't believe in democracy? Still reads my music blog, but doesn't like Ween. What does she do again?”

Michael S., Boston, MA
October 2013

“Won't make eye contact with me at the grocery store. Wish I'd never met her.”

Cole L., Boston, MA
October 2013

“We mainly used each other during tough spots, but this girl definitely doesn't know what she wants and played some head games. The conversations were great but she put me out in a cab at 3 in the morning after I finished her whiskey, without a kiss. What a rip off! I still come to her sometimes; she's cozy, if a little hit-or-miss. Friends.”

Nathan F., Boston, MA
April 2013

“DO NOT date this girl. She's assertive, which seems cool, but then she has all these opinions about how she wants to spend her nights and gets really worked up if you miss her birthday. Weird about drug stuff – don't know what's up with that? Would suggest radio silence instead of an email at the end – did not respond well to polite communiqué !”

Bryce S., St. Louis, MO
December 2012

“Totally uptight. She seems like a chill girl but is still just a girl from the suburbs who can't chill if you ask me. She needs to lighten up and have a little fun. All I did was give, even though she could lose some weight and her “career” is a fucking joke and she was on my case all the time about whatever. Cut me off after a year, can you believe that? Put me out on the street with only the clothes on my back. Anyone seen her lately? She blocked my number.”

David M., St. Louis, MO
January 2012

“Total dream girl, but really mean. Would recommend for someone who doesn't care about current events and keeps up with pop culture and subculture in voracious fashion. Hard to say what her end game is. Teased me mercilessly for being a week late on an album leak. Doesn't keep her promises but seems confused and not intentionally disloyal. Devoted and emotional, and a babe, but will cut you off without notice if she feels threatened. Sexually confusing and confused. Terrified of commitment but demands it unconditionally. Probably a great match for someone once she figures out what she wants. Small talk post-break up is shaky. Still hasn't figured it out from what I hear, but still a pretty okay experience, I guess. ”

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