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Friday, September 6, 2013

Elemental School Memories

By Snake_Dad

Midnight on the field in dense fog
A light thrown alight
Of combusted spectral magicking
Of air, of fire, of id

A breathing source of black known brightening
Pressed to the heat of a double sun
Lightning and darkening
Inside the body if allowable

In bedlam diving
Over reddening waters heartening
Pounding in and pounding slightly
A matriarchal boundless sight

Where a cartographic arbitrarian
Traced the books for ancestral clues
For the matted grounds of seeded moss
For a rose if clause

Clockwise worth in fading wake
Open eyes where open gate
Open heart, descending fate
Awake in grey
Awake, awake, awake

Port in stasis and glacial pace
Petitionary our position in space
And situated gladdened to rise
To release and fare

To and for from ebb and flows gently
Sounds on mightily
Where in the thunderous
We call out

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