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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Sandy's Survival Guide to Midwestern Winter

Pick a TV show to power through 
Remember how everyone keeps telling you to watch “The Wire”? Maybe you should probably just watch it. Just do it. My show this winter will have to be Seinfeld, because I want to finally understand what everyone is talking about when they say “This reminds of that one episode of Seinfeld.” Also, mining Elaine’s wardrobe for fashion inspiration.

Image via Bowery Boogie
Bake Bread
Bread tastes good, is really inexpensive, and relatively easy to make. You are probably padding around your house in slippers most weekends anyways - might as well mix yeast, water, flour, and salt into a bowl, let it rise, turn your oven on for both heat and baking purposes, and voila, you have something to show for your time spent cooped up at home. Also, carbs are lovely. Especially in winter.
This focaccia has very few ingredients.

Read a Long Book
Just pick a book, maybe 300 pages in length. Commit to it. Read it to your heart's content. Enjoy it, while wrapped in a blanket, sipping tea or toddies. I plan on reading The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt because I have only heard good things about it, and I want to have something to talk about at future parties.
Image via Amazon

As Tom Haverford would say, treat yo self. And moisturize. Buy yourself the following things: body lotion, lip balm, hand lotion, face lotion. Use them, abuse them.
From top left, clockwise: Burt's Bee's Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream, Eucerin Dry Skin Therapy Calming Cream,  Jergens Original Scent Cherry Almond Moisturizer,  Kiehl's Lip Balm #1, Lush Lip Balms

Find a friend with better heating than you, become their best friend.
I live in a building with cornerstones dating back to 1909. It is the world's cutest apartment, with some of the worst heating ever (sorry to trash on you apartment I love!). I know that even with the plastic wrapped window insulation,  layers upon layers of pajamas and blankets, darling Minnetonka slippers, and my space heater, I will still be cold - given that I am as temperamental as a hot house tomato. My plan B is to crash everywhere it is appropriate to sleep that has efficient heating and is weatherproofed in a contemporary fashion.
If I could just be that lady from Minority Report who hangs out in a green house for the season of winter, I would. Image via iamnotastalker.com
Invest in a pair of wool socks
Smartwools are my brand of choice. They aren't ugly, they are practical. Part of being a grown up is being practical. Maybe buy waterproof boots and a real winter coat this year too... just sayin'.
Image via Heated Socks Guide

Plant gumdrops for yourself
This is sort of like the concept of treat yo self, but in a treat yo future self kind of way. Gumdrops are a concept my college girlfriend Greta taught me, and are things you plan for your future self to look forward to - on especially dreary cold days. Some ideas for gumdrops:
  • Plan a weekend getaway (somewhere warm/warmer maybe). 
  • Buy tickets to a play or concert in February, everyone's least favorite month. 
  • Schedule a pedicure even though no one is going to see your toes until June. 
  • Fill your mood board with all of your goals for the summer! 
Just get yourself through the winter!
I'm not talking literal gumdrops... via Christine's Pantry

Don't complain about the weather
You live in the Midwest, the presence of winter is imminent. We are all as cold as you are, and no, we don't feel like talking about it. Don't be a negative Nancy, just grin and bear it. 
Just embrace the chill, yo. via Wifflegif.com

No comment, just whisky. via Uproxx.com

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