DARK - art and words about night, lights out, deepest fears, and obscured perception.

About Side Dish

Side Dish is a product of dozens of margarita conversations; frustrated gchats; life-choice-meltdowns; bathroom cry sessions; transcendent revelations; drunk texts sent and received; radio silence after submitting pieces, applications, hearts, and souls; and most importantly, the thoughts and minds of some very inspiring creative vessels. 

Here is the space we have been waiting for: a very open, supportive forum for reflection, creation, and communication for men, women, children, dogs, cats, aliens. We are the products of a saturated media culture, and we accept your 2-d creations and soundscapes.

The philosophy of Side Dish is to provide a creative space for people with busy lives. Because of this, we encourage rough drafts, imperfect works, brainstorms, and works in progress. What exactly is on your mind, before five editors get to it? Side Dish is a space for creatives with day jobs, and is 100% inclusive.

Every month, we ask our contributors to connect with a theme that is meaningful for the season, the moment, and our shared experience.

Side Dish is a creative commune started for like-minded young humans in their 20s and 30s interested in sharing and learning from the adventures of their kindred. We produce non-fiction, fiction, poetry, recipes, vlogs, images, visual art, audio art, and anything else under the sun based on a theme that is meaningful to our demographic. Side Dish encourages new writers and artists to contribute and become part of the community! Contact [email protected]

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